A Feast Of Design and Texture

On our way home from our cooking school we stopped to visit a palace, Bahia, which is now a wow! wow! wow! tourist attraction. The ornate decorations are exquisite. It was once the home of an elected government official who had 24 wives and who, for evening entertainment, sourced blind musicians who would be unable to gaze upon his wives as they entertained the family each evening.

This place would have once been opulent beyond words and I cannot begin to grasp how many dozens of craftsmen and artisans would have been employed in order to complete the work.

So today’s post will be a feast of design and texture – I hope you can get an appreciation of the wonder of this palace from my often inadequate photographs.

The harem – 24 wives shared rooms around this pool and fountain area.

These are photos of just some of the ceilings in the palace…..

The walls and doors were pretty impressive too…



The carved plasterwork was also amazing.

And of course no Moroccan palace would be complete without a fountain or two….

Til next time……

3 thoughts on “A Feast Of Design and Texture

  1. Wow,wow,wow! Some of those patterns ( in fact all of them) are enough to give you eyestrain! That place is so busy, visually, that I wonder if the residents didn’t have a constant headache or three! You must be gathering loads of quilting ideas from all of this. As

  2. As much as i love the Moroccan designs this is just about too much…. i wouldn’t know where to look. But as Marg says loads of quilting designs

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