A Day Trip Into Berber Country

Today we headed up into the Atlas Mountains in order to experience the Berber life. Our bus driver is amazing. Moroccan roads outside of the cities generally leave a bit to be desired, and throughout the country drivers are generally considerate, if a little crazy at times. He did a brilliant job even though it was a bit hairy at times looking out of the window at what seemed to be a sheer drop from beneath the bus. Metal barriers exist on curves, but not along the edges of roads, so one slip and it’s all over red rover.

The day didn’t go quite to plan – we’re still not sure what a day in the life of a Berber really is like but we did have yet another lesson on cooking a targine!

However, it was an awesome bus trip high up into the mountains. There have been times in the last 10 days that I’ve felt that Morocco has brought alive so many of the Bible stories that I remember from childhood and today really was one of those days. What do you think?



Mules and donkeys were to be seen everywhere.



The river beds were marked out in stone or tree branch fence lines into small family plots.

Once our targines were set on coals to cook we spent a very lazy 2 hours getting to know each other a little more and gazing out onto scenery that turns white in winter.

One thing I can say about the Moroccan people is that they are immensely practical!


Once again, the decorations inside the guest house were amazing.

Nabil – relaxed and happy. I think that the one thing he would have most liked to do was get the bus driver to take us to Agadir to meet his mother! All 21 of us….

Rhellie, I found a new hike for you! Just a mere 4167 meters  to the summit of Mt Toubkal and a  3 day walk… It’s the highest peak in the Atlas Mountains.

One of the locals came to see us off – complete with goods for sale, of course.

On the way back we stopped at The Berber Boutique, where there just may have been a little exchange of currency for goods. It truly was like being in a candy store.

And a little further down the road were yet more targines. Don’t they look great grouped together,

Til next time….





3 thoughts on “A Day Trip Into Berber Country”

    1. The thought of dragging a too heavy suitcase around and the anguish of not knowing when ALL of your luggage is going to get weight checked, as happened to us in Dubai. One guy had 20kg of carry on and was last seen being charged for an extra 10kg…a not so insignificant bill, I suspect.

  1. Thanks for the info on the hike Chris. We have been above 3000 metres in the Rockies so a mere 1000 or so more should be a piece of cake!!!!! Great pics ….. loving the travel show xx

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