A Day In And Around Marrakech

(I’ve edited this post ‘cos I muddled up my visits!)

This was another busy day in the life of our tour group, and it contained yet another highlight.

The day began at Les Jardins Majorelle, a 12 acre botanical garden that contains rare varieties of trees and plants. What makes the entire garden so captivating though is the use of colour, especially the bright cobalt blue. The garden also contains a memorial to the creator’s close friend Yves Saint Laurent.


The gardens specialise in rare species of cacti.

There was a lovely shop on site too, with eye catching displays.

The memorial to Yves Saint Laurent.

Nabil has started to give us more shopping freedom in places where he’s more confident that he won’t lose us, so after we left the gardens we had 30 minutes to play. I just loved these little guys – pity they didn’t fit into our suitcases!

The Tiskiwin Museum was another planned excursion and unequivocally the highlight of the day. Originally a riad, it was owned by a Dutch anthropologist who collected works of art from the Sahara, Morocco and North Africa.

It was another 40 degree day so we enjoyed a peaceful relax in the courtyard.

The antiquities include basket work, jewellery, furnishings, utensils, garments and horse related gear. The displays weren’t always easy to photograph, so I’m only too aware that the following photographs simply don’t do justice to this magnificent collection of artefacts.

We were also able to drop in to another button cooperative – where the buttons were made quite differently.

Beautiful fringing being made by one woman. Most of us bought things in this shop because they made perfect gifts or momentos – they were small and light. We were also committed, once again, to supporting cooperatives that were run by women.

Til next time…


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