Today’s Other Highlights

We started off the day visiting the Boeing Factory. What can I say? (I can only say it because there was absolutely no photography allowed).

The factory itself is 0.5 km wide and 1.6 Km long. In volume it is the largest building in the world. You can fit California’s Disneyland and 12 acres of undercover parking in the one building, which sits on over 900 acres of land. When you look down from the viewing platforms into ‘rooms’ full of assembly line 747s  and other jets it’s easy to run out of words to describe the experience. I’m not even going to try. It was pretty awesome.

However I did get one photograph. It’s Boeing’s 100th birthday this week, and we got to share some birthday cake. I don’t know how many they baked – I saw at least 6.


On the drive back we asked to be dropped off at the Space Needle.


Going to the top wasn’t on our agenda (besides which the queue was enormous), but beneath it sits another awesome exhibition. The Chihuly Garden and Glass is a museum in the Seattle Centre, showcasing the extraordinary glass work of Dale Chihuly. Photos don’t seem to do it justice – it’s both an internal and external exhibition. Here’s just a taste – and thanks to Faye Packham who said that it wasn’t to be missed. It wasn’t….







I’m pretty much touristed (my new word) out, so tomorrow I’m just going to wander. Probably into some shops, but anything is possible.

Til next time…



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