Be Still My Beating Heart…

Our time in Spokane was brief, and hot, but we crammed in as much sight seeing as we could.

IMG_4458 IMG_4459

We stayed at the iconic Ruby Hotel. There was a very obvious Beatles theme – visual and audio.

IMG_4450 IMG_4443

We took a gondola ride over the falls along the Spokane River, then stopped by the historic carousel.


It was too hot to walk far, so we strolled along the river.


Gareth and Tanya picked us up first thing this morning for a quick trip back over the border into Idaho where they have been holidaying in this cute holiday house.



Tanya and her Mum, Nancy.


And Isla.


Wouldn’t this make a gorgeous studio? It stores bikes and kayaks….

Guess where the first place my wonderful daughter-in-law to-be took us? An antique mall! She’d been by it earlier in the week and recognised some textile items that she thought might interest me.

Oh me, oh my!

I’ll let the photographs speak for themselves. Vintage linens, vintage quilts (maybe one antique quilt that may or may not survive the rest of the day in the mall), works in progress, quilt blocks and a range of sewing paraphernalia.

IMG_4590-1 IMG_4591

IMG_4585 IMG_4601 IMG_4600-1 IMG_4589-1 IMG_4592-1 IMG_4597-1 IMG_4593-1 IMG_4599-1

IMG_4587-1 IMG_4583-1 IMG_4582-1 IMG_4586-1


Til next time…




3 thoughts on “Be Still My Beating Heart…”

  1. Oh what a lovely couple of days.. I wonder which of those quilts is coming home with you… i think it could be the double wedding ring or maybe the last grandmothers flower garden, were you tempted by any of the linens? Those tapestries were pretty nice too

    1. Show and Tell will be brief, Sheila! The red and white antique quilt that took my fancy was quite dense and heavy (probably a carded cotton batting) and it had a slightly strong old age smell that I wasn’t fond of. At $40 it was a bargain compared to the other quilts that were a lot more. So in the end all I purchased was a small vintage linen piece.

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