Heritage Park, Calgary

With wedding preparations well in hand, hubby and I set off yesterday to spend some time at Calgary’s Heritage Park. We learned a lot about Canadian history, had a ride on a heritage train and a gentle paddle round a lake on a paddle steamer.


I sit on the extremely disinterested end of the petrol head spectrum, but even I was impressed with Gasoline Alley.








Mostly, though, I was interested in things more related to domestic history.


What a magnificent stove this was.


But thank goodness laundry days no longer require one of these!


There weren’t a lot of quilts that were easily photographed.

IMG_0060 IMG_0059

I have hollyhocks planted randomly throughout my garden, but I now have a new goal. Don’t they look wonderful as a group planting. If you are reading this and your hollyhocks still have some seeds on them, please save them for me! I don’t have this many colours.


It’s Friday night here in Calgary. Family and friends are arriving and getting to know one another. We had 11 for dinner tonight so there was lots of chatter and getting to know you conversations. The Australian contingent is in the minority so it was nice to catch up with them and their travels throughout Canada during the last few weeks.

Til next time, with some wedding photos….




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