The Big Day Looms….

…and everyone has has a list of tasks to do. The biggest one was getting the front garden looking its best so it was all hands on deck pulling out the fire pit, dead-heading the roses and finding temporary homes for things that regularly ‘live’ outside.

While we were in Idaho, Nancy purchased a lovely old stove and it was our job was to set it in place and do some plantings around it.


It’s soooo cute.

Even Isla lent a hand with scrubbing the fire pit clean.


Tanya’s Grandmother had made up a beautiful rustic arbor. Tanya’s brother brought it all the way from Saskatchewan on the back of his truck.


One of Tanya’s gazillion tasks for the week was to decorate the arbor. After a trip to the local Michael’s store (yes, I loved it! Spotlight without all the fabrics, furnishings and notions) we are ready to go with Saturday morning’s decorating.


That’s Tanya’s deep in concentration look you see!

The weather has been glorious all week, as was the forecast for the coming weekend. Was. Tonight’s forecast indicates that we should be prepared for all contingencies!

Til next time



One thought on “The Big Day Looms….”

  1. Busy Busy busy, that arbour will look beautiful on “the big day” and such a cute idea to “plant” the old stove in a garden plot , makes great garden art or sculpture

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