Wedding Celebrations

I can’t believe that it’s been 6 days since the wedding and I haven’t done a blog post about it, but life has been so full on that I just haven’t had the opportunity.

I didn’t take very many photos myself, so I’ve had to rely on photos from wider members of the family to be posted to our shared photo site in order to have some to use.

In every way it was a perfect day. The weather was superb, the planning went off without a hitch, the bride was gorgeous and Isla enchanted everyone.


The wedding ceremony was held in the back yard of Tanya’s parents – with a lovely view over north west Calgary. Tanya used an old treadle sewing machine for the document signing, which was decorated at the base with flowers in a gorgeous old wooden box by her Grandmother, Beth.


Friends and family gathered around the arbor for the ceremony.


Tanya and Gareth with the JP (we would call her a celebrant in Australia).


Three proud parents look on. The fourth was upstairs on the balcony taking this photo!


The happy family.IMG_2513

After the ceremony the bridal party and immediate family headed out to a park for photos.



I’m not a tiny person – my son is a giant! The canola in the background reminded me so much of home.


The girls of the immediate family – 4 Canadian generations are there.


Grandma Nancy and Grandma Chris were kept pretty busy throughout the day!


I just love this photo of the three of them taken at the reception.

When the floor was cleared for the first dance, Isla watched Mum and Dad from the sidelines for a short while then joined them on the dance floor. She pretty much stayed on that dance floor dancing and cavorting about til the wee hours of the morning, taking just a short nap to recharge her batteries!


My cousin, Anne and husband, Robert from Mansfield in Victoria joined us for a few days around the wedding day and it was such a treat to have them there to join us in the celebrations. In his earlier world-wandering days Gareth met a lovely Australian girl in Scotland where he was managing a youth hostel. They’ve remained friends since then and she and her husband also flew over from Australia for the wedding.

The happy couple headed south for a brief honeymoon in Watertown, right on the US border. Coincidentally it was Anne and Robert’s next holiday destination too, but I don’t think that their paths crossed as both were busy hiking and taking in the sights. The grandmas and Great Grandma Beth took up Isa babysitting duties and loved every minute of those few days. There were one or two occasions too when the phrase: ‘what happens at Grandma’s stays at Grandma’s’ was heard!

The excitement is over and family have, or still are, returning to homes in Saskatchewan, Alberta and Australia. Our very best wishes go to Tanya, Gareth and Isla and hope that the wonderful success of their wedding day is an indication of successes in their future.

Til next time…




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  1. So pleased it all went off like a dream. Island looks very much the 19 month old going on 3, and the photos are lovely. Like your jacket too. Very stylish.

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