Sometimes, I’d like the world to stop for a few moments…..

…….so that I can catch up with my life!

I certainly wouldn’t win a frequency of blogging award at the moment. I can’t believe that we’ve been home from Canada for 6 weeks and I’ve recounted nothing of my crazy, busy life.

Our last week in Canada was pleasantly relaxing after the whirlwind of the wedding. We flew out to Vancouver where I was able to meet up with a friend whom I hadn’t seen in 15 years. We took the train out to her suburb then off we went for a hike and picnic. What a unique experience – her dog wears a bear bell!


The weather was glorious and we had a fabulous day. IMG_4577 IMG_4578 IMG_4580

A group of young children waited patiently for this object to float in to shore – we left wondering if they ever did find out what it contained.


Vancouver is a beautiful city and we walked and walked and walked. Stanley Park was a delight.

IMG_4868 IMG_4870 IMG_4872 IMG_4914

As we walked out of the park we managed to get these photos. My first sighting of racoons!

IMG_4881 IMG_4890 IMG_4897

After a trying flight from Australia to Canada four weeks earlier, I’d read up on some strategies for getting to sleep on a plane so caught the flight home well prepared. The research was worth it – I slept a great deal of the flight and felt much better on arrival.

The second day after we returned I took a 2-day workshop on our Sweet Sixteens with the wonderful Kimmi Brunner from the US. She is the most delightful tutor – so calm and so awesomely knowledgeable. I picked up lots of new ideas for future quilting projects, but both she and I shared moments of jet lag throughout the days of stitching and learning.

With Canadian luggage still not completely unpacked, and a 2-day workshop of ‘stuff’ to put away I packed up a spare suitcase and headed south to Pt Noarlunga for our Festival of Quilts Committee Retreat. I have the pleasure of being on a committee with the most hard working and committed ladies one would ever hope to meet. Our Guild made the decision earlier this year to not renew our contract with the national craft event organisation that we’d been associated with for a very long time.

The major consequence of this decision was the reality that our committee were going to have to take on the steep learning curve of event planning and management. It has been an enormous undertaking but through the vision, coordination and sheer hard work of our convenor, Anne Marie, we have worked small miracles. Our show and expo is now less than 2 weeks away so life has been very full on. We’d asked Guild members to give us any spare orphan blocks that they had lying around, and the weekend was spent stitching up a special project that will be revealed at our Show.

Shortly afterwards the bi-annual AMQF was held here in Adelaide. I taught six classes for Bernina, and loved every minute of my time there. I’d been encouraged to enter a quilt that I’d made last year into the associated AMQA show and I was absolutely amazed to get a phone call to tell me that I’d won First Prize in my category.


The Tasmanian Quilting Guild had made that same parting of company decision that the Quilters’ Guild of South Australia had and their self managed Show and Expo was held this past weekend in Hobart. Hubby and I have close friends in Tassie so decided that this event was a good reason to book a holiday week. We love Tasmania – it has been on our radar as a possible next home for quite a while now. I was asked if I’d be the guest quilter at their show so my suitcase was packed with equal measures of clothes and quilt samples.

It has been a great week. While South Australians back home were experiencing heavy rain and flooding, we had 5 out of 7 days of perfect weather. The gardens there are an absolute delight at this time of the year.

img_2641 img_2645

Friends Pip and Alan have moved home since our last visit so lots of time was spent checking out all things new. Pip has a sewing room to covet – complete with her new Q24. We spent many companionable hours downstairs in the evenings – she doing quilt show administration while I was madly trying to finish off 3 of my own show entries.

The Tasmanian Quilt Expo was a great success and a testament to the hard work of their convening committee. I met many wonderful new friends while spending 3 glorious days doing what I most love doing – hand applique and machine quilting. It was also very interesting observing how the Tasmanian guild organized their show and I have a page of notes/suggestions for our committee to contemplate.

Pip’s entry was a winner, which was much cause for celebration.

img_2683 img_2684

Catherine Jones’s entry into AMQA won her Best of Show. Her entry into the Island Quilts Show won her another Best of Show.



We flew home on Monday, with one leg of the trip being a little fraught. I had a gentleman sitting next to me who was considerably wider than his seat, necessitating an overflow into mine. I was unable to read or in fact do anything as I had to keep my arms crossed in front of me the whole way, and even then I was constantly and annoyingly elbowed as he wrote copious notes in a diary. I’ve told hubby that I will never, ever, ever, ever sit in the middle seat of a row on a plane again.

Today, my daughter-in-law, Tanya flew down from Brisbane with Isla so I have a wonderful week of being Grandma to my 2 gorgeous grand-daughters planned. The two haven’t seen each other since last November but they quickly settled in to some serious play.


I have just one ‘must do this week’ on my list – somehow I volunteered to quilt a small vintage linen as a thank you gift for a very special guest who will be opening our Quilt Show and Expo next Friday. I’m going to mount the cream linen onto red silk – I’ve never quilted on silk before so I hope it’s a very straightforward process.

Til next time.














3 thoughts on “Sometimes, I’d like the world to stop for a few moments…..”

  1. Oh Chris, I am exhausted just reading this. It certainly proves the truth in the saying ” if you want something done ask a busy person ” your blue ribbon was well deserved, make sure you take lots of pics of the linen piece before it is given away.

  2. Chris I truly don’t know how you manage to cram in all you do. I thought I was busy with Christmas Puddings, the Show, embroidery ( but not cross stitch – the less said about that , the better), and all the other things on the go. I am looking forward to seeing all the quilts, and again deciding that it isn’t for me. I’m also guessing your special guest – possibly the patroness of the Embroiderers’ Guild??? I love the images of the totems – always fascinated me ever since I first read Margaret Craven’s book ” I Heard The Owl Call My Name”

  3. What an interesting, hectic time you have had! Well done with your ribbon too. Your photos tell a great story. I thought the first totem photo looked to be quilted…….all that carved texture!

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