Back in Action!

I stopped blogging late last year – it had already been a full-on year and weariness was creeping in, but then a major family event totally threw me for a loop and totally sapped all energy for anything outside of the immediate family. Sometimes you just have to shut down some aspects of life in order to cope with the day to day stuff that really matters.

But life has evolved into a new ‘normal’ so it’s time to start reconnecting with the neglected aspects of my life.

In the last 6 weeks both of my gorgeous grand-daughters turned 2. Just before Christmas Charli and I travelled to Queensland to share Isla’s birthday celebrations and to catch up with the Canadian in-laws who were out here for Christmas.

Charli travelled really well – the plane had spare seats on the way up so she was able to have her own. We weren’t quite so fortunate for the trip back on Christmas Eve, which was to be expected.

We had soooo much fun while we were there. The girls were inseparable, holding hands wherever they went. The times that we can get the two girls together generate unforgettable memories and the photos show the wonderful progression of their growth and social development.

We spent a lot of time just being at home – playing in the back yard. The weather was so HOT it was simply the best and easiest option. I forgot the other news that relates to this….we are welcoming a new grandchild into the family next June, so Tanya was more than happy to chill and try to get on top of her ‘morning’ (that went all day) sickness and lethargy.

Isla’s Daddy was in the middle of building her a play complex and the girls were more than happy to give it a good work out in a never ending cycle of climbing up and sliding down.

On the quilting/sewing front I’ve started quilting the monster scrap quilt that I pieced last year. I’d like to have it completed ready to enter into our Festival of Quilts in July, but I’m trying to put less pressure on myself to complete tasks within deadlines so what will be, will be.

Charli started child care this year and her Mummy asked me if I’d make a nap mat like one that she’d seen there being used by another child. I don’t think that they are readily available for purchase here in Australia so I read through a few on-line tutorials that didn’t quite fit the bill then made up my own creation.

Once made I had to go back and take measurements and make some notes about how I did things because Isla has one on order too now! Have I mentioned how much I love being Grandma Chris?!

We’re on our way to Tasmania for their amazing Wooden Boat Festival next weekend, so,

Til next time……


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  1. I am constantly amazed at what you fit into your life, i am sure you can’t sleep LOL. The Nap Mat is great, especially after seeing it in Real life, glad mine don’t need one though. Enjoy Tassie,

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